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The Columbus Blue Jackets are a professional ice hockey team based in Columbus, Ohio. They compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference.

The Blue Jackets began play as an expansion team in 2000. In their initial years, the Blue Jackets struggled, failing to win 30 games in a season until the 2005–06 season. The team qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time in 2009, but were swept by the Detroit Red Wings. Columbus ultimately notched their first playoff game victory in the 2014 playoffs and five years later won their first playoff series in the 2019 playoffs against the Tampa Bay Lightning, becoming the first team in NHL history to sweep a Presidents' Trophy winner in the first round. However, they are still the only team in the league which has never appeared in the conference finals.

The Blue Jackets' name and logos are inspired by Ohio's Civil War history. The Blue Jackets play their home games at Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus, which opened in 2000. They are affiliated with the Cleveland Monsters of the AHL.

A sad supporter of the team reviews his experience at the team's arena, he bemoaned " I went to watch one of their matches. Booked tickets online - 'downloadable'. Got to arena just as support was finishing (we had two hours drive after booking tickets). Went through security then to be told barcode on 'phone could not be scanned (WOULD NOT BE SCANNED). We were advised to go to ticket office to get printed tickets. No mention of a fee. We queued up for sometime only to be told it would be $20 PER TICKET for them to be printed off. It was then pointed out that it says on the 'downloadable' ticket that bit must be printed off!! Crazy, backward place making a fast buck (20). Management get your act together."


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Phyllis k says

"I wish I didn’t have to mark a star I’m so disappointed with all the items I ordered for the men in my life for Fathers Day.... I video recorded the experience from beginning to end the crate took less than 30 seconds to open I was so embarrassed and very upset I literally thought it would at least take each of them 5 or more minutes The Sriracha box items were moving around it should’ve been more secure inside they need to package there products more and done I will never order ever again from this company what a waste of time I could’ve just put the package together myself and glued it down for even a better bargain I just realized that’s what I will do for next gift package it myself and use gorilla glue and save on everything....mancrates you have to do much better than this"

Anne says

"I placed order on the June 12th for a gift for FATHER’S DAY, which is TODAY. I specifically selected delivery for the day before. I received notice of shipment on Thursday to be delivered the day day before Father’s Day, then tracking changed to by end of day on Father’s Day. Now tracking says delivery tomorrow, the day AFTER Father’s Day. Perhaps you may want to ship product earlier to arrive when promised and expected instead of making excuses about having no control over delivery."

Sarah says

"Don’t ever buy from this company because it’s a scam. I doubt they’ll even let me review go through so they can keep their image. I ordered this product from them 3 WEEKS before Fathers Day to give it plenty of time to come. The expected date of delivery was this past Thursday the 18th. After I ordered I NEVER got any updates on status of shipping which should have been my first clue. The 18th came and still nothing so I reach out to customer service on the 19th (THREE DAYS before Fathers Day) letting them know that I have not received my order or an update and that I was getting worried. Friday night I get a response that if I haven’t received and update that my order has just been lost and that I can’t even get a replacement because it’s out of stock but if I wanted something of similar price they could send that or just give a refund. I emailed back literally 10 min after the response I was given because Fathers Day is nearly here and ask if anything can get here in time? I’ll pay differences, shipping, I don’t care at this point I just don’t want to be left empty handed. Saturday afternoon rolls around (The day before Father’s Day) and still no response back so I call. The lady on the phone tells me that I am being issues a refund and that a replacement product has already been sent out and will be here today. I was confused but relieved because I thought the item was out of stock but hey at least I was going to get something in time for Fathers Day and the refund was just an added bonus. Now a few hours after taking to this lady I finally now get a response from the lady I was originally talking to through email who has informed me that nothing is coming, nothing can get here in time, but here’s a refund that should post is 1-5 business days. We’ll see if that actually happens because so far everything this company has told me has a been a downright lie and honestly I’m not even expecting a refund because I think this company is just a scam. So now it is 7pm the day before Father’s Day and I have absolutely nothing to show for it except for the fact that I’m out $70 and no present for Father’s Day. This company should be ashamed of themselves for scamming people like this. I will be making sure no one I know EVER orders from this company."

Tiffany Garcia says

"What a way to ruin a promising father's day gift. Disappointed beyond belief with Man Crates. I waited two weeks for a call regarding why they cancelled the order I put in 2 months ago; instead I received an email from the supervisor 2 DAYS before fathers day. Per company policy, supervisors are not to take calls directly from customers. I usually don't pull a "Karen" because it is tacky, but for a company to be oblivious to customer service mannerism has me looking elsewhere for gifts in the future. ** In response to Man Crate... Seems like there is an excuse for every bad review. I have an email from one of your supervisors saying something completely different. No surprise. I did receive an email of my cancellation in my spam a 2 weeks before fathers day. When I called... I was supposed to receive a call back. Seems like your company doesn't try to make things right. Customer is always wrong."

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